Asia VPS Hosting (Hong Kong 🇭🇰)

Plan NVMe/1 NVMe/2 NVMe/4 NVMe/6
RAM DDR4 3200MHz 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB
CPU AMD® EPYC 2 (Rome) 1 CPU 1 CPU 2 CPU 3 CPU
Disk space,up to x2 15 GB 30 GB 45 GB 60 GB
Test period 3 days Test Test Test Test
1 Year (per month)12 month by the price on ten! 2700 ₽ (225 ₽) 4700 ₽ (392 ₽) 8700 ₽ (725 ₽) 14000 ₽ (1167 ₽)
Buy Buy Buy Buy
7 и 8
9 и 10
18 и 20
ISPmanager on CentOS/Debian
FastPanel on CentOS/Debian
Any OS from your iso


1 free dedicated external IP address is provided for each VDS. You can order up to 10 IP addresses at a price of 100 ₽/month (the minimum order period is 20 days).
Please note that we prohibit VPN and proxy services that allow to bypass local governmental restrictions for p2p services and video streaming services for customers from China mainland. 没有直接到中国的互联网
Additional services: ISPmanager licenses and CMS, flexible backup storage. All prices are indicated in Russian rubles (100 ₽ ≈ 1.33 USD). VAT is not applied. The «Fair Use Policy» is applied. The network bandwidth is 100 Mbit/s on the server. When the traffic volume reaches 10,000 GB, the speed is limited to 10 Mbit/s until the end of the billing month. The speed can be restored for 250 ₽ (1000 GB). To be able to activate the test period, you need to top up your balance with the amount of 100 ₽ or higher. These sums will stay on the balance and can be used in the future to pay for any order or returned, provided that the test order was used without violations of the offer (spam, fishing, attacks, etc.). For legal entities, the test period is provided by sending a scan of the application with the corporate seal and signature of the CEO. Free protection against the most common types of network flooding (DDoS attacks) is available on all plans: UDP amplification, ICMP-flood and SYN-flood. Protection at the L7 level is carried out by our specialists to the extent practicable. On request of the client, DDoS protection can be disabled by changing the IP address of the server. In this case, incoming traffic is not chargeable.

NVMe are solid-state drives that, compared to traditional SSDs, can provide much better performance, almost instant access to files and fast loading of the operating system due to the use of the PCIe bus.

KVM virtualization has the following advantages:

  • complete independence of the operating system: you can install any hub and almost any *NIX operating system (and even Windows!) by connecting an ISO image directly in our control panel;
  • full access to your server even when it is unavailable (VNC technology);
  • full access to the hub settings, the ability to install any module and software (including VPN server);
  • full guarantee of provision of all declared system resources: processor power, data storage and disk space.

Two examples are presented further to demonstrate the swiftness of our solution:

  • it takes only 54 seconds from the moment of payment for the server to getting access to it!
  • It takes only 9 (nine!) seconds to completely load the operating system